Expert is 'pretty dubious' about a bipartisan solution to health care

Geneva Matthews
September 25, 2017

Trump on Friday also railed against the Senate's "crazy" 60-vote threshold to pass legislation, complaining that - with Republicans controlling only 52 seats - it's impossible to pass bills.

"The current bill isn't repeal", Paul added, saying he "won't vote for Obamacare Lite that keeps 90 percent of the taxes and spending just so some people can claim credit for something that didn't happen".

"I'm leaning against the bill". When asked if she believed Russia's efforts were a personal attack on her, she said she doesn't take it personally. "But I want to wait".

GOP Sens. Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska are reportedly the remaining swing votes for the ACA repeal bill.

All Democrats oppose the bill so three GOP "no" votes would doom it. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Lindsey Graham of SC - would abolish key aspects of the ACA, replacing most of the law's rules with block grants to states and ending the way Medicaid has worked for more than a half-century.

The new bill Senate leaders are pushing includes numerous mandate and program cuts the original bills would have instituted while putting funding into block grants for the states.

"It's like a boxer. they get knocked down, get up".

Now, the republicans have more than a week. Paul have a change of heart-the legislation would die in the Senate when put to a final vote. John McCain's opposition to the latest GOP effort to pass a health care bill "sad" and "a awful, disgusting thing for the Republican Party".

Then, in a comment pointed at his harshest critics, Kimmel agreed that he's not qualified to be a leading voice in the debate on health care, before suggesting that neither is the man they voted into office.

The bill does say that states applying for a waiver must detail how they intend to "maintain access to adequate and affordable health insurance coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions".

In a joint statement, the nonprofit group Health Care for All, Associated Industries of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Medical Society warned that the latest repeal plan will severely strain the state's budget and leave tens of thousands of residents - including seniors, children and people with disabilities - without access to quality, affordable health care.

Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican, declared his opposition to Graham-Cassidy on Friday afternoon citing concerns that the bill did not go through "regular order", a series of hearings, markups and an open-amendment process. Sen. "Money direct to States!" "I believe we could do better working together, Republicans and Democrats, and have not yet really tried", he said.

President Donald Trump took a shot at U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy and Sen. I know they are acting consistently with their beliefs and sense of what is best for the country.

"Thank you Senator John McCain for being a hero again and again and now AGAIN". That defeat had been seen by many as the end of a seven-year campaign pledge by many Republicans to repeal Obamacare.

Obama has only rarely publicly engaged in the day-to-day Washington policy fights since Trump replaced him in January.

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