Lavrov says Tehran abides by all commitments on Iran nuclear deal

Geneva Matthews
October 13, 2017

Beyond decertification, there are a number of ways the Trump administration could put pressure on Iran to come back to the negotiating table. Former Secretary of State John Kerry, former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and Wendy Sherman, the former undersecretary of state for political affairs, along with European ambassadors met behind closed doors with lawmakers. Jacob Lew, the former Treasury secretary, joined the discussion by phone.

It also would indicate that the United States would be willing to renegotiate agreements with every new administration, giving other countries reason to hesitate on negotiations if they felt future leadership would give them a better deal, Mogherini added.

Why does the deal need to be certified?

But Iranian officials have already ruled out any renegotiation of the deal. The middle ground that these options supposedly represent is an illusion - their sole objective is to ensure that President Trump never withdraws from an agreement he has correctly called an embarrassment to the United States. "S. intelligence agencies showing Iran in active or significant violation of the JCPOA", NCG's letter concludes.

If Trump follows through and decertifies the deal on Friday, it will begin a 60-day countdown clock for Congress to decide whether to "snap back" those nuclear sanctions. With the threat of restoring those old sanctions and imposing new ones - as well as the threat of military force - the US hopes to have new leverage and get Iran to accept changes to the deal.

Drafts of two proposals seen by The Associated Press, one from Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Bob Corker and one from committee member and harsh deal critic Senator Tom Cotton, would expand the United States certification criteria to include items that are also the province of the UN nuclear watchdog and require the U.S. intelligence community to determine if Iran is carrying out illicit activity in facilities to which the International Atomic Energy Agency does not have access.

President Trump's upcoming decision on how he will deal with the risky and flawed nuclear agreement is a moment for moral clarity and may be a defining moment of his presidency. Trump's foreign policy is a disaster and must be stopped. Benjamin Cardin, Md., the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, learned of their work a little over a week ago. Cardin's spokesman said the objective of the meeting was to go over the administration's plan for the nuclear deal. "They could race headlong toward a nuclear bomb, hold all of the benefits of sanctions relief, and continue fomenting instability across the region".

Some Democrats complain it would be hard to join in a bipartisan plan to restrain Iran's nuclear ambitions.

By moving unilaterally to scrap the agreement against the advice of many members of his own cabinet, the other nations that signed the deal, and most of the world, Trump is "undermin [ing] the credibility of the United States in all manner of negotiations, making it unlikely-to take just one unsafe example-the standoff with North Korea will be resolved by peaceful means".

Last month, Trump, during an address before the United Nations General Assembly, said, "The Iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into frankly that deal is an embarrassment to the United States, and I don't think you've heard the last of it". "Ironically he may have limited our ability to confront Iran, rather than expand it".

Several US officials have said Trump might this time choose not certify the accord.

What exactly that will look like is still being determined, but it could include greater congressional oversight.

The Europeans seem more inclined to try to "build" on the deal in this way. Sherman said if the deal is renounced, Iran gets to keep all the money and also is freed from the restraints imposed by the agreement.

The EU foreign policy chief says Washington's possible withdrawal from the Iran deal will send a message to the global community that the USA is not trustworthy when it comes to deal making. Even Iran hawks who are close to Trump, like Sen.

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