ZTE Doubles Down With New Smartphone

Kristi Paul
October 19, 2017

It has a 5.2-inch display with 1080p Full HD resolution. However, they are joined by a hinge, just like a laptop, which means that you can unfold the Axon M into a smartphone with a massive tablet-esque display. "In this case, the market might not be ready yet to digest what ZTE is offering, particularly if apps aren't able to seamlessly leverage the second screen".

As for what you can do with two screens, ZTE offers a few neat tricks, all focusing on either multitasking or sharing whatever it is you're watching with another person. However, ZTE has ushered forward, with the Axon M to beat competitors to the punch. All three perform different functions and you can choose the one you want depending on your usage needs. Furthermore, nothing appears to be stopping users from activating Nougat's natively supported Multi-Window feature to use three or more apps in a manner that's much more convenient than what smaller smartphones allow if the Dual mode proves to be too limiting in some scenarios. With this mode, you can watch your favourite TV shows on one screen, while you replying your girlfriend message on the other screen.

Allowing consumers to use two apps on two different screens at the same time, Dual mode provides unlimited potential in app combinations so consumers can do more, all at once. The Chinese company has launched the Axon M, a foldable phone that actually abandons the true spirit of the single screen foldable design. We'll update when we know more. The two full-sized displays fold into one. The Axon M is also equipped with the dual speakers.

The Axon M is powered by the Snapdragon 821 chipset, aided by 4GB of RAM. The Axon M offers 64GB of internal storage space which is further expandable up to 256GB using a microSD card.

This smartphone has an interesting camera arrangement. The rear-facing camera sports a 20MP sensor with dual image stabilization, and a dual LED flash, and it can record 4k video at 30fps. It comes with an f/1.8 aperture.

There's also a 3,180 mAh battery with USB-C providing power, something that seems pretty impressive considering all the extra tech packed inside of the 12.1mm body.

It will soon be available in China, Europe and Japan.

'The mobile technology ecosystem and consumer habits have evolved over the past several years, but the smartphone experience has only slightly varied throughout that time until today, with the introduction of the Axon M.

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