Sally Ride Just Became The First Lesbian Made Into A Lego Figure

Geneva Matthews
October 20, 2017

They are Mae Jemison, the first Black woman to travel into space; Sally Ride who is the first American woman in space; Nancy Grace Roman, also known as "Mother of Hubble", who helped plan the Hubble Space Telescope; and Margaret Hamilton, who invented the modern idea of computer software.

The idea was submitted by Maia Weinstock, MIT New's deputy news editor, to the Lego Ideas team in July 2016 and the figures were brought to life by Lego designers Tara Wike and Gemma Anderson. Perhaps this is just the first wave of a series of women in science that Lego will be celebrating, and Johnson may be added to a future set - but, we'll have to wait and see. Another portrays Margaret Hamilton who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work on the Apollo moon missions.

The toy company confirmed Wednesday its latest set paying tribute to key women in NASA history will launch on November 1.

The original idea also included Katherine Johnson, one of the mathematicians who worked on NASA's Gemini program and whose story was told in the recent film "Hidden Figures".

Each Lego figurine will include 231 pieces that link each woman to her NASA contribution.

Sally Ride was the first woman in space.

"I thought people might like to build their own display featuring minifigures of accomplished women in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professions", she said.

There have been positive responses on Twitter from the Lego community.

"Weinstock said in a statement, "...when girls and women are given more encouragement in the STEM fields, they become more likely to pursue careers in these areas.

“It was a great experience to give these fantastic women their new LEGO identity and a great honor to personally present Margaret Hamilton with her very own Minifigure, ” said LEGO Design Manager Tara Wike. Roman's includes a posable Hubble Space Telescope and Hamilton's includes a stack of books representing the software code for the Apollo Guidance Computer.

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