Nivea in fresh racism storm over skin lightening promotion

Geneva Matthews
October 21, 2017

On Wednesday, a commercial and print ad surfaced online featuring a new skin lightening lotion the body care company sells in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Senegal, The New York Post reported. The model beams noting that the "visibly fairer skin" makes her feel "younger".

Folks trouped to social media using the hashtag #pullitdownnow to blast Nivea for the ad, calling for the total boycott of all Nivea products and a removal of the campaign.

"#Nivea - perpetuating the notion that fairer skin is more lovely, more youthful is so damaging and plays into the racist narrative so prevalent in the beauty industry, that whiteness or light skin is the standard that we should all strive for", she said.

This is why black businesses need to rise up and cater for our needs.

One woman wrote on Twitter: "This is not how to market in Africa".

An accompanying voiceover intones that the cream will "restore" skin to its natural fairness after which a male admirer compliments the model on her lovely skin. "Whitening and lightening creams are not only physically damaging, but also ethically wrong". "All black skin is lovely, no exceptions, so celebrate us as we are instead of asking us to adhere to unattainable and racist ideals". "Every African everywhere should stop buying any Nivea product".

The advert promotes the Beiersdorf-owned Nivea lotion and has left consumers disgruntled at the connotation that fairer skin equates to beauty.

People have started the #pullitdown to get Nivea's attention.

NIVEA as a global leader in skin care has developed a safe product that contains natural ingredients and UV filters, which protect the skin from long-term sun damage and premature skin- ageing as well as reduce the sun-induced production of melanin, which, over time, can lead to an uneven skin tone.

The furore comes months after Nivea apologised over adverts for a deodorant in the Middle East which featured the tagline "White is Purity".

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