Matt Damon & George Clooney Reveal What They Did Know About Harvey Weinstein

Camille Rivera
October 25, 2017

Ben told me, but I knew that they had come to whatever agreement or understanding that they had come to.

"When people say 'everybody knew (about the sex allegations)' - yeah, I knew he was an a**hole".

George Clooney also admitted that Weinstein was a "predator" who used to regularly brag about having sexual affairs with famous actresses. "He was proud of that", Damon told Strahan on Good Morning America. "That was his whole M.O". I don't know how that would have happened.

Ironically, the two stars gave this interview as part of their promotional tour for Suburbicon, their new film produced by the Coen brothers, directed by Clooney, and starring Damon.

Damon, who worked closely with Weinstein on movies such as Good Will Hunting, says working with the Weinstein was "intimidating". You know, THE twins, the royal babies of Hollywood, the blessed offspring of Clooney and Amal. "And clearly they didn't".

Damon did, however, confirm that he knew Gwyneth Paltrow's story.

Damon added Monday that though it wasn't hard to recognize that Weinstein was difficult to work with right from the get-go, he hadn't realized the extent of the producer's misconduct within the industry.

Affleck, meanwhile, issued a general statement earlier this month condemning Weinstein's behaviour without saying whether he was aware of the allegations against Weinstein before they surfaced in bombshell reports by The New York Times and The New Yorker. But this level of sexual predation is something that I had never imagined. Affleck claimed that he was unaware of Weinstein's sexual abuse against women, a fact that actress Rose McGowan tore down immediately. Damon stated that he heard of the encounter, but never spoke to Paltrow about it at the time. "These things are cyclical... but also that these things are fixable and we will fix them again".

"There has to be some good that comes out of all of this and the good is going to have to be that women feel safe to speak up, that they are believed and hopefully be enough that it scares any man who would behave like that from doing it". That's a story that has been oddly absent from the movie theaters, while we've had suburban dystopias like The Stepford Wives (twice!), Pleasantville, American Beauty, Little Children, and even The Purge beat into us for decades.

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