Twitter Unhappy With Rapper Meek Mill Being Sentenced To Prison

Camille Rivera
November 8, 2017

The Philadelphia rapper was found guilty of violating his probation in court today (Nov. 6) and sentenced to two to four years, according to TMZ and local CBS reporter Joe Holden.

Meek's lawyer believes the judge clearly showed bias with her stiff sentence, and says they plan to appeal.

In 2008 Mill, real name Robert Williams, was convicted and served eight months in prison, before being handed five years' probation in 2009.

One artist who was particularly vocal about Mill's prison sentence was Jay Z. In a Facebook post on Monday, the music mogul called out the justice system for its unfair treatment of another black man.

Meek Mill can't stay out of trouble... He spent a few months in jail and was released early.

And Mill - whose real name is Robert Rihmeek Williams - was arrested again in NY back in August for recklessly driving his motorcycle. Those charges were dropped after Meek agreed to undertake community service, but just being arrested opened Meek to charges of violating his parole.

Brinkley cited the reasons behind her decision which were a failed drug test and Mill's failure to comply with a court order restricting his travel.

Jay-Z, who's Roc Nation company represents Meek Mill, called his punishment "unjust and heavy handed". In 2008, he was convicted on those charges and spent almost a year in prison. In August, he was stopped for reckless endangerment while driving his motorcycle in New York City. He was then placed on probation for five years, a period that has been extended several times. Most recently, in February 2016, Meek Mill was put on house arrest for 90 days after another probation violation.

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