Tesla Reveals Electric Semi-Truck, New Roadster Sports Car

Tomas Mccoy
November 18, 2017

Now, a little over two years after Musk's post, we get a first-person look on what it's like to experience dizzying acceleration in the planet's quickest production auto.

Last night Tesla unveiled the new Roadster, which will arrive in 2020.

The company also surprised with the unveiling of a new version of its Roadster, which can accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds.

The four-seater convertible boasts a 200 kilowatt-hour battery pack and a 620-mile range, as well as three motors, all-wheel drive, and torque steering.

Without a large diesel engine, the driver will have a roomier cab than in other trucks, Tesla said.

Regardless of whether Musk is right about the typical length of trucking routes, 500 miles is still far less than diesel trucks can travel. There's also fierce competition in the electric truck market, with Volkswagen, Daimler and Cummins all either debuting their own versions or working hard on their development.

Musk pulled a major surprise for the audience at its event after the Semi unveiling, by debuting the company's new second-generation Roadster, which it calls the "quickest vehicle in the world, with record-setting acceleration, range and performance".

Charging takes 30 minutes to add 400 miles (643km) of range at Megachargers worldwide. Musk said it will be able to maintain a speed of 65 miles per hour while going up a 5 percent grade.

We're off to the races with new production under way on electric semi-trucks.

With a full load, the truck can still reach that speed in 20 seconds, according to Musk, much faster than any diesel-powered truck. The figure assumes a diesel price of $2.50 a gallon versus 7 cents/kWh for electricity and a maximum load traveling at an average speed of 60 miles per hour.

Tesla shares are up 51.46% this year.

In describing the truck, Musk also said its windshield is made of "thermonuclear explosion-proof glass" - a feature he says will help truckers stay on the road.

But truck drivers may still have some reservations. The vehicle, coming in 2020, will have a base price of $200,000. In addition, he surprised everyone with the debut of an updated Tesla Roadster.

Elon Musk continues to disrupt the auto industry with Tesla's innovations. These are just concept vehicles, really, but it's Tesla, and nothing is really ever as it seems.

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