DOD: Reports of sexual assaults on Fort Carson almost triple

Geneva Matthews
November 20, 2017

Titled Reports of Sexual Assault Received at Military Installations and Combat Areas of Interest, the document tallies adult sexual assaults (not including domestic abuse) at Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force bases around the world, as well as in areas of conflict where US service people are deployed.

The reports show the numbers of sexual assaults reports made to the Sexual Assault ResponseCoordinators (SARCs) between 2013 to 2016. Today, after that determination, a database breaking down the number of reported sexual assaults by base, domestically and internationally, was released. At the 29 Palms Marine base in San Bernardino County, 38 sexual assault cases were reported in 2016.

A new report from the Pentagon shows that sexual assault reporting has increased.

An unrestricted report is referred for investigation and the commanders of the service member who made it are notified as well as the alleged suspect or suspects.

In the Air Force, the installation with the most allegations of sexual assault in fiscal 2016 was the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado, with 44 reports.

"Sexual assault is fratricide in our formations, plain and simple".

To report an incident as a restricted report means to report without referral for criminal investigation or to commanders.

Dr. Nate Galbreath, deputy director of the DOD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office, said that the military's reporting program allows personnel to report allegations of sexual assault at any time or place.

Sexual assaults can be made by active duty service members, adult dependents of service members and civilians who allege they have been assaulted by service members.

Meanwhile, the number of sexual assaults reported by victims in 2016 rose slightly to 6,172, an increase that Pentagon officials said indicated greater awareness of the care and responses available to victims.

Of the numbers listed - the data indicates every year more service members are choosing to do what's called "un-restricted reporting".

The Marine Corp Air Station New River had 16 total reports in 2013, 32 in 2014, 27 in 2015 and 32 in 2016.

He said "A report could involve allegations for an incident that occurred while on deployment, while away on leave, or even prior to entering the military".

For each of the military branches, as well as the joint bases and combat zones, the total number of reports in 2016 were largely identical to those in 2015.

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