Google Datally App Review

Tomas Mccoy
December 2, 2017

"Those living on Wi-Fi or with large data plans may not notice, but for many users around the world data is like money to them so they budget it".

The Manage Data section shows the break-up of data spent in the last one hour, day, week or month. Called Datally, the lightweight app has features that will help Android users understand how their connection is used.

Google is finally banning apps from its official Play Store that include lockscreen ads.

Are you going over data limits on your smartphone and incurring charges? The controls placed on the front and center will help you to view real-time app data usage.

"That's why we built Datally, an app that helps you to control, save more and do more with your data", Caesar Sengupta, Vice President, Next Billion Users, Google, said in a blogpost.

Datally helps users do three things.

Datally is only a data management app, unlike the now discontinued Opera Max app, which saved data consumption by compressing apps and webpages. These processes are mainly handled by apps that are installed and accessed by different built-in services like Calendar, Camera, Contacts, etc. Switching on Data Saver blocks background data and lets users fully control which apps use data. For example, the best app and game seem to be opinion-based rather than download-based, but I presume the reams of movies and TV shows are judged on the cold numbers (those are region dependent, while the best app and game are fixed).

Finding quality public Wi-Fi can be a challenge. Moreover, you can see the list of all the apps and the data eaten by the relevant apps.

With the Personalized Alerts feature, Datally alerts users when apps start consuming a lot of data, and it allows them to see how much data they've used on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Datally also prompts you to rate Wi-Fi networks. Additionally, you can also suggest your connected network to Datally. This way, you can connect to these hotspots and save a significant amount of mobile data.

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