Uttar Pradesh, Delhi top crime list in 2016: NCRB

Geneva Matthews
December 2, 2017

Other cases like murders, kidnap and cyber crime have registered an increase.Andhra Pradesh recorded 193 dowry deaths as against 174 in 2015, apart from 31 women trafficking and 626 kidnapping and abduction of women cases a year ago.

In addition, among the 19 major cities, Delhi also reported 38.8 per cent of total IPC criminal cases, followed by Bengaluru at 8.9 per cent and Mumbai at 7.7 per cent. Delhi has the distinction of the highest crime rate of 182.1 as compared to the national average of 77.2. Mumbai also ranked second in cases of kidnapping and abduction of children, with 5,457 cases in Delhi and 1,864 cases in Mumbai.

The data says 737 cases of crime against women are under police investigation in the UT, of which 323 cases were pending from previous years.

Delhi registered 40 per cent (1,996) of the total number of rape cases in the 19 cities and almost 29 per cent cases each of cruelty meted out by husband and his relatives and dowry deaths across the country.

"Uttar Pradesh reported 14.5% (49,262 out of 3,38,954 cases) of total cases of crimes against women followed by West Bengal (9.6%) (32,513 cases) during 2016".

Crimes against children and elderly have increased.

A very disturbing trend can be observed in "crime against children", which has been on a rise since the last three years.

The city police also registered 979 cases under the POCSOA, the second highest in metropolitan cities, the NCRB report said. Mumbai followed Delhi, which topped the list with 33 percent of the cases. Of the 994 rape cases reported in 2016, in 463 cases, the victims were minors.

Atrocities/crime against scheduled tribes (STs) have also increased. Cases under dacoity have decreased by 4.5 per cent in 2015-16 with 3,795 cases in 2016 as compared to 3,972 in 2015. Maharashtra reported highest 11,396 cases, followed by UP with 11,335 cases and MP with 8,717 cases. For violent cases like murder and attempt to murder, the city was ranked second by the NCRB, just after Delhi.

However, a total of 15,379 persons were trafficked during the year including 58.7% children.

Earlier, according to Centre's response to Parliament, Uttar Pradesh had topped the list of communal violence incidents in 2016 with 162 incidents reported in which 29 people were killed and 488 injured.

Chennai has reported the highest number of cases of SLL crimes, accounting for 32.9% of total SLL crimes reported amongst 19 metropolitan cities followed by Kochi (12.9%) and Surat (12.6%) during 2016. Economic offences declined from 3,566 in 2015 to 3,119 in 2016.

Among the other states, Uttar Pradesh (UP) recorded the highest number of serious offences like murder.

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