Michigan Cops Handcuff 11-Year-Old at Gunpoint

Geneva Matthews
December 15, 2017

Honestie's unfortunate brush with the law happened last Wednesday when she was confronted by officers as she was leaving her house by a back door to go to the store.

"The 11-year-old was handcuffed for a total of two minutes while she was brought back into the alley and patted down to make sure that she did not have anything risky on her", said Grand Rapids Police Department spokeswoman Cathy Williams.

"It made me feel scared, and it made me feel like I did something wrong", Honestie Hodges told 24 Hour News.

"This little girl, Honestie, she was clearly terrified", Grand Rapids Mayor Mayor Rosalynn Bliss said, mlive.com reports.

The officials opened an internal investigation after the Hodges filed a complaint.

Manning had fled her home after she stabbed her sister and was thought to be at a nearby residence with other family members.

A suspect being chased by a team of MI police officers last week was a potentially risky 40-year-old white woman wanted in connection with a stabbing.

"They had police cars all over this street, they had police cars all along the alley", she said. Honestie Hodges is an 11-year-old black girl. "I'm afraid to open or go near my back door because of what happened".

The young girl said she had wanted to be a detective or police officer when she grew up but now she did not want anything to do with "those kind of things".

Excellent Rapids police confined the Honesti and two other ladies, including the young lady's mom, as they left the house. Police said the woman and girl weren't armed. "As officers were setting up a perimeter, three females simultaneously exited the home, two adults and one 11-year-old juvenile". "You hear the mother yelling from the steps, 'That's my child!' That's our community's child".

Amanda Brunzell is a Grand Rapids resident who spoke about the incident at the city commission meeting.

"We can't have any more of our children losing their innocence and being traumatized by situations like this", Niemeyer said.

Rahinsky said Tuesday he understands why the officers may have felt the need to search the girl because it was possible an older suspect had handed her a weapon to hold.

At a Tuesday afternoon press conference, Chief David Rahinsky said the girl's cries in the video made him "physically nauseous" and that the entire incident is "a discredit to the way the community is being served", WOOD-TV. "We've got work to do as a profession, we've got work to do as an agency and we've got hard discussions to have as a community", Rahinsky said.

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