Anjum Bashir terms praises from PM Modi as 'huge inspiration'

Geneva Matthews
January 2, 2018

"It is now the time that a system is created where newest development opportunities are easily accessible for the "New India Youth" as soon as they turn 18", said he. Indian democracy welcomes our 21st century "New India Voters'".

Calling them the "New India Youth", PM Modi said they will form the basis of new India, which will be free of evils like corruption, casteism, corruption and terrorism. The mock parliament will comprise one young representative selected from every district of India who would participate and deliberate on how a new India could be formed in the next five years. "On 26th January, the arrival of great leaders of 10 nations of the world as a unit is a matter of pride for all Indians", the PM said. "Today he is an inspiration not only for J&K but India", he said. He also said that a cleanliness survey will be conducted from 4 January to 10 march to evaluate achievements in the cleanliness of urban areas. He chose a different path, a path of serving the people, he said.

Prime Minister Modi also hailed his government for taking steps to facilitate Haj for the Muslim women.

Speaking about the change in the Haj rules, he said, "It had come to our notice that if a Muslim woman wants to go on Haj, she must have a "Mehram" or a male guardian, otherwise she can not travel, it was discriminatory, we have changed this rule and this year around 1300 women applied to go without a male guardian". "And when I asked about it, I came to know that it was we who have restricted them for going alone for the Haj". Otherwise, she can not travel, it was discriminatory. "He succeeded despite many constraints - including the lack of formal research education and little connectivity with global scientific community", Prime Minister Modi said. "This practice is not followed in numerous Islamic countries", he said. He also urged that Muslim women are exempted from the lottery system for Haj.

PM Modi said, "In our country, there is the talk of unemployment, that is, such a service in which there is no expectation".

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