Indian national accused of sex assault on USA flight

Geneva Matthews
January 5, 2018

- Authorities have accused a man of sexually assaulting a 22-year-old woman on an airplane after she fell asleep.

Ramamoorthy, who works for a Troy-based information technology company, is charged with aggravated sexual abuse, a five-year felony. When she woke up, she found her trousers and shirt unbuttoned with the man's hand inside her trousers. Sharing their side of the story, two flight attendants told federal investigators that the victim was crying and her shirt was untied.

Two flight attendants told federal investigators that the victim was crying and that her shirt was untied and that her trousers were unbuttoned when she had reported the alleged attack at about 5:30 a.m., 40 minutes before the plane's landing, Jawad said.

The flight was on Spirit Airlines, travelling overnight and arriving in Detroit on Wednesday morning from Las Vegas.

The miscreant was seated in the middle seat next to his wife, with 22-year-old victim seated in the window seat.

Ramamoorthy's wife told officials, 'they had called the flight attendants to try to change seats.

Ramamoorthy, before talking with the specialist, gave a composed explanation that he was in "profound rest", that the woman nodded off on his knees and that he is "not certain where (he) kept the hand on her". Ramamoorthy was arrested by the Wayne County Airport Authority. Jill Leslie Price of the Federal Defender Office, who showed up with Ramamoorthy, said he was eager to have his nation of origin told of the charge.

Prabhu apparently stopped touching her when she awoke and opened her eyes around 5.30 am, which was 40 minutes before the plane was to land in Detroit. He also indicated that he unzipped her trousers part-way, and did put his finger into her trousers.

When asked for a statement, he said that he had taken a pill and fallen into a deep sleep, Jawad said.

"There's been no allegations from anywhere that his behavior has ever been inappropriate prior to this incident", O'Neill said. A spokesman with Spirit Airlines said in an email that it is coordinating with law implementation.

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