North Korea is 'in the early stages of another missile test'

Geneva Matthews
January 5, 2018

However according to the report, it crashed in the city of Tokchon, a city of population of around 2 lakh people and lead to damage to buildings situated there. The Diplomat said that contrary to reports elsewhere, the missiles launched during that April period were not anti-ship missiles but new intermediate-range ballistic missiles.

The report quoting USA government sources say that the missile failed within a minute of its flight.

"The Diplomat explained how the liquid-fueled missile likely crashed and caused a "large explosion" in the city, and from Google Earth images, it looks like the crash site was very close to residential and commercial buildings".

According to CNBC, the failed missile test was previously reported but it wasn't known that a populated area was hit.

The Diplomat notes that the North Korean regime, in its race to better its rocket-based capabilities, "has even carried out ballistic missile launches from a restricted area at Pyongyang's Sunan Airport, which also serves as the country's primary civil aviation facility and the entrypoint for most non-Chinese foreign visitors to North Korea".

North Korea may have accidentally hit one its own cities with a missile, it has been claimed.

Furthermore, North Korea had also earlier claimed that they were in possession of a missile that can reach all the way up to United States of America.

Kim announced his reclusive nation had become a "full nuclear state" in November following the successful launch of his most powerful rocket.

This screenshot shows North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un delivering a New Year's speech at an undisclosed location.

The missile launch went largely unnoticed due to its failure, but concerns were raised in Washington about the risk of an accidental conflict starting in the event of a similar such failure.

However, since April, North Korea hasn't held ballistic missile testing from Sinpo, it said.

North Korea's incessant missile testing throughout 2017 escalated tension with the US; and by the looks of it, 2018 is not going to be any better.

South Korean officials offered high-level talks with North Korea to find ways to cooperate on the Olympics and discuss other inter-Korean issues.

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