Google secretly acquired a United Kingdom startup that could make smartphone speakers obsolete

Tomas Mccoy
January 12, 2018

According to Crunchbase, the deal happened in August, although Google has still not commented on the acquisition.

Founded in 2013 and led by Nedko Ivanov, Redux has developed technology that aims to enable "customisable, high-resolution haptic feedback and speakerless surround-sound audio", according to the company's online profile.

This would free up space for other components, such as larger batteries or a better cameras, in Google products such as Pixel phones.

Now, Alphabet company Google has reportedly acquired a company which could help with that headache. Google might also use the acquisition to improve its future handsets' haptic feedback.

It is unclear when Alphabet - via an Ireland-based subsidiary of Google - acquired Redux, but the transfer of shares of Redux holding company NVF Tech the US tech giant was confirmed on December 13, according to United Kingdom regulatory filings.

That being said, Redux focus is not just limited to smartphones and the company has been actively developing varied solutions for computing, automotive and also industrial markets. The sound quality is said to be "decent".

Some of Redux's tech has already appeared in PCs and vehicle infotainment systems.

Details of the deal remain undisclosed, but it's worth noting that Redux closed a $5m round in March past year from investors including Arie Capital. The Pixel 2 in particular had very thick bezels that's very much the same size as its predecessor. The Verge had some hands-on time with the company's tech past year, trying out a tablet which vibrated its screen to function as a speaker, as well as a number of displays that used haptic feedback to mimic the feel of buttons, sliders, and dials.

Google has made a concerted effort at CES to promote new features in its series of voice-controlled speakers.

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