Taylor Swift lives up to serpent reputation in End Game video

Ellen Mills
January 13, 2018

A day after teasing her fans, on Friday, Taylor Swift dropped a brand new video for the song "End Game" from her latest album Reputation.

Another fan translated Japanese signs from one scene.

Ravenous Swifties first began anticipating the video on Tuesday when director Joseph Kahn shared a cryptic tweet alluding to the time Swift was spotted at a London kebob shop back in October.

The clip opens in Miami, with Taylor waving a drink around with friends, partying on a multi-million dollar yacht. Not so sure how this connects to the song, but once you see it, you can't unsee it. After all, who doesn't love it when their favorite celebrity is just a little bit extra?

Taylor is the queen of not so subliminal subliminals, and goes out of her way to mention that she doesn't like drama, but drama likes her. The blonde-haired singer had one of the biggest selling albums of 2017. Looks like Swift never forgets a diss.

Throughout her career Taylor has always snuck her lucky number 13 into what she does, and the "End Game" video is no different.

She included a photo that appeared to feature her sitting on top of a bar looking at her phone. It's not a subtle detail, but it makes a statement. Her fans were set aflutter trying to spot the hidden snakes, a nod to the diss given to her after a feud with Kimye AKA Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West.

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